Handmade in SC: Jordan Slice of reSLICEd

?My entrance into the jewelry making world was short. Very short. Visions of making my own jewelry fleeted very quickly once I figured out wire was not my friend. Jordan of reSLICEd was blessed with the talent of wire wrapping and creates custom jewelry. She has recently added handbags to her list of talents.?

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How did you learn your craft?
I?ve always been one of those artsy, hands-on kids. When?Pinterest?arrived on?
the social media platform, I was hooked. I ran across a tutorial for wire wrapping one day and knew it was something I wanted to tackle. I read the post, gathered supplies and got to work. I?ve always loved handmade gifts and wanted to make something special for friends and family one Christmas. That?s how I got started with jewelry making.
Recently I?ve been making handbags. While crafting and the desire to tackle DIY projects runs in my family, sewing was not a skill passed down. I call myself a ?first generation sewer.? Though none of us knew anything about sewing, my Mom bought a sewing machine for my sister and?I?to play around with a few years ago. It gathered dust for about?two years before I overcame my intimidation and decided to give it a try. My stepmom taught me the basics and got me hooked.???????????
I started?reSLICEd?with the goal of reusing and recycling materials as often as possible. I want my business to be sustainable and?environmentally friendly. While I bring new life to old jewelry when I can, it?s been even easier to stick to?upcycling?with sewing. Watching an old skirt transform into a new handbag is magical. I?ll even admit that I?m known to dance after the last stitch is placed. As an artist, you have to create things that warm your soul.

One tip/trick you’ve learned along the way?
Having a strong support network is key. I rely heavily on my friends and family for inspiration. My sister is a customer service genius?and helps me out at shows. My husband cooks dinner and doesn?t complain when I refuse to leave my craft room because I?m in the midst of creative breakthrough. When I?m feeling discouraged, my Mom reminds me that some of the most successful products on the market took generations to catch on. My Dad religiously reads my e-newsletter, builds jewelry displays and helps me brainstorm innovative marketing ideas. My friends inspire me with new ideas, donate old jewelry and material for me to play with and give?me honest feedback on new creations. My creative juice would run low if not for all the great people around me.
All that being said, my tip is to enlist your family and friends! Got a friend who?s a tech genius? Barter your skills for help building a website.
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??????????????????????????????????????????????????????Jordan and her sister, Katie

Where do you see yourself in 5 years (business?wise)?
I would like to grow?reSLICEd?to have a larger presence both online and around town. I hope that the items I create bring pleasure to those who wear them. I get great joy in creating and I hope my customers can feel that in the items they wear.
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Bonus Question: You’ve been chosen to make a custom piece for one celebrity. Who would it be?and what would you make for them?
I would love to make Sarah Jessica Parker a custom handbag from one of the fabulous dresses she wore in Sex and the City. I used to watch Sex and the City all the time. I would hang on to every scene in anticipation of the next beautiful pattern the ladies would waltz onto the screen in. SJP remains one of my style idols. She?s fierce?and unapologetic with her fashion – I love it!
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To see more of ReSliced, head over to their?shop.?


Living in Columbia, South Carolina and using this blog as my space to share a little insight into my life in what I'm making on the sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks, in the kitchen, and elsewhere.

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  • April

    Great interview! I love your stuff Jordan- I rarely wear anything but my monogram necklace, but when I do, it's the silver anchor one you made for me! 🙂

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