Mother and Son Love

Today we are getting a house visit from my son’s Pre-K teacher. I can’t believe I’m already “throwing him to the system.” Granted, I could keep him out for one more year (or homeschool) but to be honest, Mommy needs a break. Plus, he’s only going for three hours a day. Also, he is looking forward to making friends. Side Note: every time he is outside playing with kids I find myself stressed and peeking out the window every minute. I want to make sure they are being nice to him, not feeling left out, and he can stand his ground. Yes, I need to learn to let go. 

Lately I have found myself being very nostalgic. Four years is a short time in a life span but my son has grown and developed so much. And don’t get me started on his little brother who started walking before he was one. I was not ready for that. 
I stumbled across these photos of little boys kissing their mothers and it melts my heart. 

I know soon my son will no longer ask me for hugs or kisses. I ask myself if I should give him a kiss when I drop him off a school because there is going to be some child that makes fun of him (There is always one. Little shit.)

I may have to get over my hate of taking pictures and capture some precious moments between us. 

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  • Jordan Slice

    You give that boy a kiss AND you take pictures! One day he'll thank you, his future wife will thank you and most of all you'll be happy you have those sweet moments on film! You're such a sweet Mom!

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