Handmade in SC: Joseph Vernon of Evolution Through Chocolate

 “If it wasn’t interesting, I wouldn’t do it.”

Joseph Vernon, Evolution Through Chocolate 

The night before the interview, Joseph emailed me and said we would be making chocolate bowls for his upcoming submission into the SC State Fair (3x’s Blue Ribbon Winner and Best of Show ’11). The  bowls would be created by using blown up balloons and dipping them into melted chocolate. As soon as I got to Joseph’s house he put me to work cutting chocolate. Let’s just say that didn’t last long. No amount of burpees prepared me for how hard it was to cut a bar of chocolate.

 His attitude towards the experimenting is refreshing. If it worked, great. If not, try something else. Trial and error is what he has done to create a product people love. He feels anyone can make chocolate but it is the passion that creates something remarkable. And he refuses to take shortcuts. This was apparent as he still uses a double boiler to melt his chocolate. 

He also makes his own vanilla as well as a red wine syrup (which is alcohol free after the process) that I could easily have a teaspoon of each day for the rest of my life and be happy. 

Chocolate so good I don’t care if this is a terrible picture of me.
Joseph makes an effort to ensure you see and taste the passion in each chocolate. From the shine each contains (perfected after many tries) to using the best ingredients; which may cause one to go back to a special time in their childhood. His mint chocolate chip reminded one customer of when they were twelve and would get mint chocolate chip ice cream. To Joseph, those memories are worth more than monetary value. 

I asked if he was approached by Charlie (of Willy Wonka) to create a new item that would bring back the customers that loved their chocolate so much his answer was simple. “Bring back the Oompa Loompas (and chocolate river).” Joseph believes automation will create the quantity but it’s the hands (and passion) that creates the quality. 

His goal is to have a brick and mortar shop where he will be able to expand his creativity and offerings (think chocolate covered bugs, adult novelty chocolate). He also wants to offer classes and create a program in which customers will be able to taste chocolate from different countries (Sign me up!).

For more about Joseph and Evolution Through Chocolate, be sure to like his Facebook Page. The 500th person to like his page will win a free one month membership!

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