Growing Avocado Trees

To say I love avocados in an understatement. I eat about 4-6 a week. I’ve passed my love on to my younger son which is great. But I don’t like to share my avocado. The photo above shows the pits and skins that were slowly taken over our freezer. I did have more but made some dye with the pits. Which is what will be done with the remaining seeds and skins. 
I did save some to try to grow avocado trees. I keep hearing how easy it is to do so I’m going to give it a try. All you do is throughly clean the pit, insert four toothpicks, submerge the flatter part of the pit halfway into water and then wait (takes about 4-6 weeks for something to really start happening).
I’ve read it’s best to change the water everyday to ensure there is no fungal growth. 
They also need a lot of sunlight but I currently have mine inside as I wait for a nasty storm that was suppose to come yesterday. 
Once there is some growing action I’ll update. 

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