Kusudama Origami Flowers

Yep, another craft picked up. But in my defense, this craft uses items I already have: paper, a boning tool, and my hands.
Kusudama Origami is the folding of paper to create flowers which are used to form a ball or bouquet.  
 I took this class along with Rachel (who runs our local Yelp who is just as crafts-obsessed as I am. She and I met when I took the bookbinding class and we just clicked. We also discovered we both get competitive when it comes to crafts. We both want ours to be the best (Mine was better. Duh). 
First there was the practice round:
Lots of folding 
To create one petal. 
Glued together to make a flower. 

The flower I created.

An arrangement the teacher made for a wedding. 

Various types of paper can be used: book pages, music sheets, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper. 

This video shows you how to create the petals to make a flower:

I have a story that is too great (to me) to not tell. While in the class, I’m not really sure what was happening, I hear Rachel sing “Rip iiiiittt!” You know, the same way they sing “Whip iiiiiiitt!!!” in Pitch Perfect. My head popped up so quickly as I let out a loud gasp. Another bonding moment between us. I LOVE that movie. Not a Pitch Perfect fan?

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