Craft and Draft, Gather and Draft

I was asked by the local chapter of Girls’ Pint Out to host a craft night. Of course I immediately said yes. I decided to keep the craft simple and teach the ladies how to make Kusadama Origami Flowers. As the time for the event got closer, I started to go into Panic Mode. Everyday I checked the number to see how many people were coming (just to make sure I had enough supplies) and each time the number continued to increase. The last time I checked 95(!) people had RSVPd to come. Granted, the chance of everyone showing up is unlikely but even if half of that amount came, that is still a lot for one person to teach.

The Craft and Beer Gods were with me that night because amidst all the craziness, everyone had a great time and everything turned out fine! 

These ladies took it to the bar
After everyone made their flower they stuck it in a grapefruit, creating one big bouquet.
Me yelling at April to not take the picture because the lighting is not good. 
April clearly not giving a damn. 

Thank you to SC Girls’ Pint Out for having me and to Craft and Draft for letting 30+ girls invade your space!

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