Gather and Craft: Modern Calligraphy Recap

This past Monday we hosted our last Modern Calligraphy class (for the year) at Nest. It’s been great to see how the classes and word of kith has grown. We had one student come from two hours away! A few others found us via Google (yay! we’re Google-able)!   Kaitlyn and Shannon are always so helpful with having the tables and chairs set up. They even let us use some wrapping paper for the table which helped make it more festive. 
I asked Jodi, a former calligraphy student, if she would be willing to make some yummy treats for the class. Not only did she say yes but she went all out by making five (very good) treats for the class to try.  Also, she labeled and packaged some of the treats (with her awesome calligraphy skills) to show the students how calligraphy can add that extra zing to an item. 
Those Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies…*insert Homer Simpson drool*
Gingerbread Caramels. You need them in your life. 
Paulene has been learning to make intricate flowers from paper. Perhaps a new class in the making…
Class has begun. 
This Mother/Daughter duo were so funny. Their repertoire went from encouragement, to mocking, to (friendly) competition. 
Champagne and fruit? Why not?!
Free handing!
When in doubt, draw a lion. 
Fun with gold! 
Ready to be framed. 
Gold + Red = Winning Combination. 
Happy mess!
#marycatherine #superstar
 Pumpjin Soir?e
Things not pictured: The excitement, laughter, comraderie (two high school friends got to reconnect who hadn’t seen each other in years) , me freaking everyone out by talking about American Horror Story and other scary shows and movies.  
My goal with the classes has been to showcase the local talent in Columbia and meet some great people along the way. I have more than exceeded my goal and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still working on ways to make it grow but I’m more than happy with the progression. 
If you want in on the fun, be sure to check out the other classes being held:

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