Gather and Craft does Crafty Feast

Yesterday was Crafty Feast. This was my second time there with Gather and Craft. My anxiety started to get the best of me and I started to freak when I notice the day was coming closer. The craft for the day was going to be embroidering gift tags.

I had a bit of a freak out moment thinking I wouldn’t have everything prepped on time but then I took a deep breath and remembered “Hello! You are suppose to show people how they can make the craft. Not do it for them!” Sometimes you just need to take a step back and calm it down. This year, I felt more legit, more confident. I also learned yesterday that while I may be building this by myself, I am NOT by myself. I had two amazing helpers yesterday. It’s very important  to have help. I was very thankful. My awkward ways and introverting personality comes out at the most inconvenient time. As people would walk by I would go (awkwardly) “Hi! how are you?!” While Jodi, Gather and Craft Cheerleader would say “Hi, We’re making embroidered gift tags today.” “Have you heard of Gather and Craft?” “What skill would you like to learn?” Paulene came and made some cute calligraphy signage (forgot to get a photo) and jumped right in with helping.  Surround yourself with great people. Seriously.

Setting up. Yes, Paulene. I need to practice my calligraphy.

Jodi’s genius idea of writing out the instructions. As well as using a part of the Kraft paper for email sign ups.

Crafting away!
It was great seeing how excited people became when they saw they could make something. A few even signed and dated theirs and said they would use it as a tree ornament instead of giving it away. 

Jodi on the left. Paulene (Calligraphy teacher) on the right. I was wearing a sweater I knitted (walking advertisement). 

Until next year…

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