Handmade for the Holidays

If I’m not able to personally make a gift for someone, I prefer to buy from a small, handmade business:
No One Alike – Marbled silk scarves, prints, clutches, leather bags, knives, cutting boards, etc. this father/daughter duo are crazy talented and as the name says, no one item is alike.

Hippy Do-Da Creations  – Jewelry is the one thing I could never conquer. It’s just not for me. Fortunately, I have met some amazing Jewelry Makers (including the person who organized this blog hop!). I own several pieces from Chrissy. 

Sometimes I have to look at her timeline with one eye closed and the other one squinted because I will want everything! 
Once you have your gift, you will need to place them in a pretty package. A few months ago I made some baby items for a friend that was expecting and realized I didn’t have a gift box. So, like most, I headed to Pinterest to look for a tutorial. 



Another item I like to give a part of a gift is  a sweet treat. 

Gingerbread caramel is my obsession for this holiday. 


In case you missed any of the other participants:

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