Cloak Coat

First off, Happy New Year! I don’t have any particular goals for this year; just to continue making and putting my(creative)self out there personally (this blog) and professionally(more in another post).

Speaking of the blog, it got a makeover! Huge thanks to Ebony Looney of Make Me Over Eb. There still needs to be a few tweaks but overall I love the new look!
On to the cloak. This item is loosely based off Simplicity’s 1254 pattern. And I say loosely because all I did was cut the pattern and figured out the rest myself. Since I have made several garments, I knew the construction of the cloak. I wouldn’t recommended this pattern for a newbie. 

My only gripe, not enough of the fabric!
To be honest, I got the fabric from an old blanket from Butterfly Vintage which was already pre-cut. I could have used a different fabric but as soon as I saw the blanket I knew I had to use it for a coat. Side note: My husband and sons had been using the blanket for a couple of weeks and then one day they found only cut scraps. The looks were priceless.


                     Work in progress 

Final look!
The back. Oh, the back! Has to be my favorite part. It’s suppose to be a hood but since I didn’t have enough of the fabric to make one it is just an awesome collar. 
The original pattern calls for a zipper but from the beginning I had no plans on using one. I bought a button and used some faux leather I had in my stash to make a closure at the top.
Not posing. Just asking Ebony “What did you say?” 
As we were taking photos someone walked by and said “I like your jacket!” 
This is my “Thanks! I made it!” pose.
I do plan to make this coat again  because I really want one with a hood. 

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