My Takeaway From Cotton Road

Sunday Night?I headed to the Nickelodeon ?to see Cotton Road. I was really interested in seeing this as I try to continue to practice ethical fashion. I won’t go too much into detail about the movie (Because you need to see it for yourself!) but I will talk about what stuck out the most to me. In past conversations I have heard people get upset about items being made in China (or other countries). This movie made me empathize for the workers in China. Just like us, they are just trying their hardest to make a living. In fact, most of them live in a dormitory setting where everything is provided for them and they usually only visit their home about once a year during the Chinese New Year. They sacrifice a lot to try to make a living. Just like the farmer who stresses about his season to produce great quality cotton and sell it at a reasonable price. Another thing they have in common; they are getting screwed by the man.


Seriously, the big box/chain stores (in the U.S. and other countries) are taking total advantage of people trying to live and it is infuriating. So, what can we do?
2. Invest in quality over quantity.
3. Have a brand you truly love? Find out how their clothing is made. If something isn’t right, get involved. If companies see consumers care, change can be made.
Don’t feel you have to do a complete 180. Do what’s right for your lifestyle (i.e budget).
Other random thoughts:
1. I was completely enamored with all the cotton in the movie, I’m ready to make a trip to Aiken, ask the farmer to sell me some cotton so I spin it and start knitting!
2. On average, each person discards 68lbs of clothing per year.
3. Of what is sent to thrift stores, roughly 20% of it is sold. Silver lining: rest of it goes to developing countries where new markets (new clothing) is not a possibility.

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