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I seriously fell off the radar with my reading but now I’m back on track! I recently finished the ones below and have another stack I am currently working on.

book reviews

The Andy Cohen Diaries

After reading this book I realize I really don’t care about what happens in Andy Cohen’s life. You can tell he was holding back (can’t burn bridges). I wanted more scoop on the Housewives and other Bravo shows I love. Guess I’ll have to wait for Brandi Glanville to write it. You know it’s coming.

Going Off Script

I have always loved Giuliana Rancic. She’s the reason I started watching E News years ago. Like Jason Priestly’s book, she told the story of her life through moments. I could relate to her on having an very intertwined family. Keeping a secret between us is a joke. She tells a funny story of when she’s taking her Driver’s Test.


Eh, skip it. I thought it would give more insight into Christian but basically it’s a lot of copy and paste.

Paper Towns

This was a quick read. Well, I read it rather quickly because I had promised my niece we would go see the movie.

Book and Movie – Both were good. Your typical coming-of-age, live life to the fullest story. Definitely enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars ?(both book and movie) ?more than this one.

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