Crochet Washcloths

I’ve been working on stash busting my yarn so I decided to make some washcloths with my cotton yarn.

crochet washcloth 2

I wanted to try out a new (to me) stitch: the shell stitch.

shell stitch crochet

I used a pattern from a book I own. ?

good housekeeping book of illustrated crafts

This book was such a great find. Only?$2 at the thrift store!


For the other two, I chained 40 and used a ?Half Double Crochet (HDC) ?and went through the front loop only (FL). I continued with that pattern until the washcloths were about 10 inches long.

crochet washcloth 4

crochet washcloths

For all three I used an I Hook (5.50mm). If I did the shell stitch again (for making washcloths) I would use a smaller hook. The pattern stretched too much once the water hit it.


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