Let’s Go Fishing Hat

It has  been raining and gloomy here the past few days (best weather for crafting!) so I decided to make some bucket hats for the boys. I used the pattern from the book Sewing for Boys. As far as I know, this is the ONLY book dedicated just towards boys. Usually other  sewing books (for children) will have a pattern or two in there for boys but most of them cater towards girls (womp! womp!). This was a quick and easy project. Especially since the stitches are suppose to be exposed. And I love the look of exposed stitches. When done intentionally. 😉

I probably could’ve have spent more time  lining up the seams but they’re boys and don’t care. Besides, I have more important projects to work on. Like mine.





For my 3 year old (below), I used the size 6/7 patterns. For my 6 year old (above) I altered the pattern by adding an inch. Not saying the pattern doesn’t run true to size. My boys do have large heads (and lots of curly hair)!



DSC02222 DSC02224


DSC02239 DSC02257 DSC02260 (2) DSC02263 DSC02274 DSC02195 DSC02212

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