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What’s for Breakfast?





Eggs, Avocado and Fruit. I didn’t think I could love avocados anymore but recently I’ve stared to grill them (in coconut oil on my cast iron). The love has transcended. ?I also added ?Eggplant Bacon to this meal. To see how I made it check out my latest post on The Good Life Blog
eggs and avocado eggplant bacon

eggs avocado

I make my yogurt bowls using plain Greek yogurt, honey, granola and whatever fruit I have.

yogurt bowl

When I want to clean it up even more and watch my dairy intake, I make chia pudding. This will have to be prepared in advance so the chia seeds have time to expand. I made a larger batch so I used 3 cups of almond milk and 1/2 cup of chia seeds. I let it sit overnight. If needed, add more milk or chia seeds.

chia pudding 2

chia pudding

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