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Fourth of July (in pictures)

We celebrate the Fourth like its Thanksgiving: lots of food and lots of friends and family. 

This year I was in charge of desserts. I made two pies, and a strawberry trifle (forgot to get a photo but it tasted amazing). 

I’m huge into themes and making things festive so I got some star-shaped cookie cutters to decorate the pies. The top of the apple pie consisted of overlapping stars and the blueberry/cherry pie was the American flag. 

Shish Kabobs prep! 

All shrimp for me. 

Why not make everything star-shaped? 

Ever since we started planning I’ve been craving pie. I waited three months for this moment. 

Flower Crowns have been around but they’ve might quite a resurgence in the past year or two. I’ve deemed them the Official Basic Bitch Headpiece. I exercised my right to be Basic. I didn’t get a proper photo of it but I made the top I’m wearing from Simplicity Pattern 8124. Same pattern from my Birthday post but the sleeves were longer and I had elastic in them. 

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