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Embroidered Tea Towels: My New Favorite Item to Gift

Have you checked out my latest post for The Good Life Blog? It’s all about tea towels and personalizing them with embroidery.

A good friend of mine recently moved into her new place and of course I wanted to get her a gift. I could have went with a nice bottle of wine or a houseplant (Both would have been appreciated. Especially the wine.) but I wanted the gift to be much more personal.

While the use of tea towels have varied over the years, I feel they are an item that could be beneficial in every household.

embroidery s tea towel

Just like the ones I made for myself, I personalized them by embroidering her last name’s initial on them. I recently read in 18th Century England, the lady of the household would use their tea towels to show off their embroidery skills. I’d fit right in!

carolina soap

I also paired the gift with some handmade soap from a local company,  Carolina Soap Works. I met Kayla (Head Maker and owner of Carolina Soap Works) almost a year ago and have loved every soap I’ve tried. With other handmade soaps, I haven’t been too happy. Often times the soap doesn’t last very long because it dissolves so quickly. I’m talking less than a week! Carolina Soap Works has perfected their formula and between the four members of this household, one bar gets many uses.

Also, the base of each soap is goat’s milk and is paired with other high quality natural oils. They also uses natural materials, such as indigo, to dye their soaps. Major plus for me. Other items they offer are lotions, lip balms, body scrubs (LOVE mine!), plus more. Check them out!

Each year I usually give something handmade for Christmas Gifts. Right now, embroidered tea towels are the top contender.





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