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One of the steps I’m taking in having a calmer, balanced life is becoming more organized. ?I’ve tried to add reminders to my phone but it doesn’t work. I usually just ignore them. Both boys will be in school this year which means the notes and reminders will be doubled. Posting items on the fridge will no longer do (it never worked well).

I need to get better at writing things down; and having it all in one place. Someone I follow on Snapchat (follow me! Username:?shanikalpichey) was sharing a planner they just bought and all the fun accessories to go along with it. A day or two later another person I followed was showing off their planner. Watching them get so excited about their planners made me want to get one myself!?Yes, I realize this may be sheep mentality but for someone who has been in the doldrums lately I will take happiness where I can find it. *

I wasn’t completely clueless to planners (I knew they existed) but I didn’t realize how serious this planner world was until I started researching for one. I decided to go with The Happy Planner sold at Michael’s. It is reasonably priced (around $30 – plus you can use a coupon) and didn’t look too overwhelming; perfect for a beginner. I also bought a pack of stickers because, well, stickers.

the happy planner

My next stop was Pinterest and YouTube. ?This post was really helpful as well as this video:


So for now I am going to write down events and plans coming up for the rest of the year and then I will spend some time on Sundays looking over the week (or two) ahead and making sure there is nothing else to add. And this will all be done with colorful pens and cute stickers. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Do you use a planner? Which one(s) do you prefer? What are your planning tips and tricks?

*I know happiness comes from within. But a cute planner helps!

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