Propagate and Wait

Earlier in the summer I bought a few succulents. I always hear people say they have a hard time keeping theirs alive so I was expecting them to die.?One of them, named California Sunset,?really took off.


I don’t have any solid advice for how to keep them alive.?I know you aren’t suppose to over water them. So I basically treated them “Crock Pot Style,” fix it and forget it. I let Mother Nature do her thing. As you can see from the photo, I let the plant get way too tall. But it gave me plenty of leaves to use for propagating.

To remove the leaves, hold them at the end and wiggle them left to right until you hear a snap. It has to be a clean snap from the stem or it won’t propagate.



To remove the rosette from the stem, use a sharp knife or scissor. Leave about one inch of the stem in the soil (a new succulent will sprout).




Before you place the leaves on soil (to sprout more succulents) they need to dry out and callus. This can take a few days to one week. ?So right now I am in the waiting stage. I’ll continue to share updates.

Keep in mind not all leaves will propagate.

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