Chakras in Check

Chakras in Check: Meditation, Crystals and Stones

As I’ve been studying more about Ayurveda and Chakras, I’ve really gotten into crystals, stones, meditation, and their healing powers. Jordan, of ReSliced?had given me some of her old jewelry making inventory and as I was going through them (again) I noticed the different stones and crystals in there. I asked another friend, Chris of Hippy Do Da Creations, to help me identify the stones.

Green Aventurine Botswana Agate, Kyanite

Knowing what I had in my possession, I started to do more research. There’s ton of information out there?(so much to learn!)

Cleansing/Recharging your crystals:?I placed mine?into purified water mixed with sea salt. Of course this method won’t work for all (salt may deteriorate certain ones). There are certain methods/different ways to cleanse your crystals.

Recharging your Crystals: Again, there are several ways to recharge them but the most popular one seems to be place them outside when there’s a full moon. Fortunately, we just had a full moon (Hunter’s Moon, to be exact. Which happened to also be a Super Moon), so I placed mine outside on the ledge. If the moon is being covered by clouds or if it’s raining, your crystals will still receive the energy. You can place your crystals out three days before, after, and the night of the moon. If there isn’t a full moon you can still place them out. Best time is at sunset and collect them before sunrise. I read if it hurts your eyes to stare directly at the sun then it is too hot for your crystals.



Botswana Agate:great for removing negative energy and toxins, great for skin, improves concentration,?promotes inner stability, protection while traveling and effective against accidents, creative ability, releases repressed emotional issues, addictions, etc.

I have felt the most energy from this stone. During meditation, I have placed the stone on my forehead, heart, or just held it in my hands. ?I can feel a pulsation and vibration running through my body. It’s pretty powerful. Just to make sure it wasn’t all in my head, I placed the other stones on my body and didn’t get the same vibration. I mentioned this to my friend and asked if the energy of each crystal will be different from time to time and she told me it would. What you need the most will speak to you.

All of this makes total sense as I have been in my head lately. I have been feeling up and down (completely in my head), struggling with decisions, feeling creative, and battling my Depression.

Also, one night, I had a dream and a snake made an appearance. I have never had a dream about a snake before. So, me being me, I took this as a sign. A quick Google search showed a snake appearing in your dream can mean a sign of transition, transformation, and in the process of healing and solving issues. ?It has a phallic symbol as well; but, what the hell doesn’t?


Kyanite: universal bridge, crystal of connection, opens the mind, aligns the body and brings a calming, tranquility effect. Perfect for getting into a deep meditative state(great for beginners!).


Green Aventurine:? Known as the “Stone of Opportunity” in manifesting prosperity or wealth. Releases old patterns and habits, can bring optimism and zest for life. Great for high-stress environments, helping subdue anger. Just being near the stone will help derive its benefits.

Meditation/Breathing Exercises:?These have helped me tremendously. I’m an early riser (between 4-5 am) and before I start my workouts or whatever else I plan to do that morning, I take time to meditate and work on my breathing. Right now I am doing 5-10 minutes.?I am building up to go longer.?I’m also working on clearing the thoughts that float into my head while I meditate. I heard it’s best to thank the thought for coming in and then it wish it on its way. Sounds silly, but it works. Until the next thought comes in (GAH!). For breathing, I inhale for four (seconds), hold for seven, and exhale for eight. I love the feeling and calmness that transcends over my body while my meditating/deep breathing.?It’s as if my body is sinking deeper into the earth with each inhale/exhale.

There’s also a new feature on my Apple Watch called “Breathe” and several times throughout the day I get a little reminder to breathe for a minute. The app guides you through your breathing as it pulsates when you are suppose to inhale and stops when it’s time to exhale. I have it set up to get reminders throughout the day. No matter how busy, sometimes you just have to take a moment to breathe.

Wearing your crystals: Still trying to figure out the best way to do it. Of course you can turn them into pieces of jewelry but I prefer not to (at least not all of them). For now, I’ve just been dropping them in my shirt (my bra, to be more exact). I hear the closer to the skin the better. Someone did suggest to sew a hidden pocket inside of my clothes and place them in there. I may do that on some pieces of clothing I wear but for now they will be hanging out in my bra. TMI? Don’t know, don’t care.

As always, I am open to suggestions and information!



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