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2016 Handmade, Local Gift Guide Part One: Clothes, Jewelry, and Accessories

Last week I mentioned to Jordan I was planning to do another Gift Guide and she told me she was planning to do the same! #greatminds. If you haven’t already, go read her post! She sums up our passion for local and handmade perfectly! As I was making my list of the businesses I wanted to feature, I realized it was getting loooong. So I’m breaking it into two parts.



Jai Marshall ? I have known Jai for years. We first met at a blogger meetup. From there we learned we shared the same love for all things creative. She just started her own clothing line which focuses on sustainability and slow fashion. Each piece is made to order to (a custom piece ? just for you!).

Photo credit: Jai Marshall

Madame Magar

I absolutely love Leigh! I first met her when she was an Artist in Residence at 701 Whaley and it was around the same time when I was really getting into natural dyes. She uses a lot of indigo in her work and produces gorgeous one of a kind garments and home goods.

Photo credit: Madame Magar
Photo credit: Madame Magar

CHI Design

Another indigo enthusiast is Caroline Harper. Caroline uses the traditional Shibori method in a lot of her pieces and the results are amazing!

Photo credit: CHI Design

Sebastian Harper

Can’t have a list and not promote myself. Amirite? For handmade, one of a kind, naturally dyed pieces, I’m your girl.

Photo credit: Sebastian Harper


Hippy Do Da Creations

I have shared my love for Chris and her jewelry before. If Boho and good vibes are your style, her jewelry is for you.

Photo Credit: Hippy Do Da Creations
Photo Credit: Hippy Do Da Creations

January Jewelry

Melissa has serious skills. I love watching her behind the scenes on Insta-Stories.

Photo Credit: January Jewelry
Photo Credit: January Jewelry

TECTONIC Co. and Driver 8 Studio. I met both ladies one weekend while we were booth neighbors at Soda City I liked their vibe. And jewelry.

Photo Credit: TECTONIC Co.
Photo Credit: Driver 8 Studio


Valchemy Metals

Valery works with a lot of stones which I love because I need all the good vibes and energy I can get.

Photo Credit: Valchemy Metals



Gotta give love to another fiber artist!

Rachael knits and crochets accessories in vibrant colors!

Photo Credit: Softspoken

Oh, and she’s also published two?books. No big deal or anything.

Phoenix Farm Fiber

Another Fiber Lover! They offer natural wool and mohair for purchase as well as handmade items and supplies.

Photo Credit: Phoenx Farm Fiber
Photo Credit: Phoenix Farm Fiber

Nana by Sally

Leather purse and wallets, fabric purses and wallets, bow ties, baby bibs?what do you need? Sally’s got it.

Photo Credit: Nana by Sally


Photo Credit: Nana by Sally

Uniquely MC

Mary Catherine makes one of kind purses. No two are the same (hence the name). She also makes home good accessories such as hand painted pillows

Photo Credit: Uniquely MC


Photo Credit: Uniquely MC

Boho Fly Design

Lesley makes really cute vintage-inspired clutch purses. I like the details she adds to each piece (especially the brooches!)

Photo Credit: Boho Fly Design
Photo Credit: Boho Fly Designs



Come back tomorrow for Part Two!

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