Succulents Update

It took some time for me to update because, well, it took some time to get some real activity with my succulents. As I mentioned in the previous post, I barely messed with the succulents. I use a water bottle to spray them every few days. Sometimes I completely forget about them.



img_4433 img_4434 img_4436 img_4435

I noticed the leaves somewhat buried in the dirt sprouted quicker.?Not all of them have sprouted new plants but I’m still happy (and shocked) with the progress. Especially the ones on the stems; I didn’t think so many would sprout on one! Also, the rosettes have started to root so I need to move them into their own planters. I might DIY a few terrariums.

I’m hoping for more activity in the new few weeks. I want to gift some of them for Christmas!


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