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Free People Inspired Knitted Maxi Poncho

Every crafter does it. We all have that one (or six) project(s) that doesn’t get completed, pushed to side until “one day when I have time”, or we slowly work on it.

This poncho fell into the latter. I worked on it here and there, always pushing it to the side for something else. It wasn’t even a complex project (I’ll give the directions below), but I never gave it my complete devotion. Pretty soon, the poncho started to become a burden. It was getting big and taking up a lot of space (physically and mentally). It could no longer fit in my knitting bag. With the holiday season and craft shows being over, I had no excuse; I had to complete it. I didn’t want to go into a new year without it being finished. Especially when I started it back in late 2015 (shameful). So, on New Year’s Eve, I completed it. And shame on me for taking so long, the end result is pretty *insert expletive* awesome.  I met up with Addie yesterday for a run at the Columbia Canal and Riverfront park downtown and asked if she would take some photos post-run (Thanks for directing me, Addie!). We found a great spot. I loved the industrial look and the big gears and pipes as the backdrop. I also kept pointing out this is the type of place where people get murdered because I say crazy things like that.









Inspiration Photos:

free-people-maxi free-people-tangier-maxi

Here’s my take on it:

I should note this was a stash-busting project. so I am not able to say exactly how much yarn I used. For some  of the yarn, I double knitted (knitting two strands at the same time) or triple knitted. Some yarn was bulky enough on it’s own. This is what makes the poncho so unique (and make me love it even more) . 

Materials Needed

Yarn (lots of it)

Size 17 circular needles 29″ long

Stitch holder

Crochet hook (Size J or higher) or Yarn Needles


  1. You’ll start with the back of the poncho. Cast on 100 stitches.
  2. Knit all rows until you have reached your desired length (mine is about 48 inches long. I would not knit it as long next time. 36 inches would be better.
  3. Once you’ve reached your desired length, place half the stitches (50) onto the stitch holder. This is the start of the front panels. Continue to knit the remaining stitches (on the needle) until you’ve reached your desired length (this can vary, totally up to you!). Once that side is completed, pick up the stitches on the holder and knit until it’s the same length of the other side.
  4. Once the poncho is off the needles lay it flat and line up the edges. Measure 16 inches down from the top/shoulder part of the poncho and sew the sides together (8 inches down). With this part you can use a crochet hook or a needle. I prefer the hook. To me, it gives a nicer finish.
  5. Weave in the ends (or don’t – do you!)

I would change a few things:

Like I said, I probably wouldn’t have made it as long but this depends on your height (I’m only 5’2). I’d also cast on less stitches – maybe 70 or 80. You could also cast on less if you wanted more a maxi vest look.

If you decide to make one or have any questions, let me now!

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