Simplicity 1254: Cloak Coat

This is my second time using this pattern; as well as my second time using an old vintage blanket to make a coat with this pattern. And as always, I made a few modifications. Thankfully, it’s finally cold in South Carolina so I am able to wear it in the mornings (by the afternoon, it’s time to take off a layer). When I dropped my sons off at school and walked my youngest to his class, his teacher told me each day this week I have looked like a Diva (I wore my poncho earlier in the week).

I didn’t install a zipper and probably won’t ever when making this coat. I feel it looks much better with toggles. Speaking of toggles, I made them with some scrap leather I recently acquired. Um, hand sewing leather is quite the task.

Unlike the first time I made this coat, the hood can be used. But since I didn’t add the metal snap like the pattern calls for (this fabric and pattern is too pretty for a snap), the hood actually becomes a very dramatic collar when popped up. I get Evil Stepmother/Queen vibes. So naturally, I dig it.

I may add another toggle around the collar.

Now I need it?to stay cold!

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