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Maxi Skirt

This past weekend my niece had her Sweet Sixteen Party. The color theme for guests was black and/or white. I had bought some striped black and white fabric from my local Hancock’s before they went out of business (RIP) and was going to use the Simplicity pattern 8328, but I didn’t have enough yards of fabric (or lining) for their requirements. I did read the instructions just to look at their technique to get an idea of how to aseemble the dress. I also used their waistband template.

Yes to floor length.?

I wore flats with the skirt so I’m sure with heels it wouldn’t?have draped so much on the floor.?

I’m pretty sure I have said this about everything I have made but I love how this skirt turned out. Of course I used French Seams and to hem the bottom I used a rolled hem foot (I highly suggest you get one).

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?My niece(the birthday girl), my mom, me, and my sister

Quite possibly the best photo my mom and I have ever taken together.

Also, for the party, I played photographer. I was able to get some practice with my camera and got some pretty good shoots. 500+ plus to be exact. Not all were good and yes I may have gone overboard but I couldn’t help it. All the practice allows me to get comfortable with the camera. Besides, my niece is do damn beautiful; how could I not take tons of photos?!


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