Let’s Talk Plants (Again!)

Plants have always been a part of my life. When I was younger and we lived in Germany, our place felt like a jungle. My mom had plants everywhere and she was the queen of propagating and making more (those pothos make it so easy). I remember my mom bringing clippings to my teacher for them to create their own. Throughout the years (of adulthood), I had plants but never gave them the proper love they needed (and deserved). Now that my boys are at an age where they can basically take care of themselves, I wanted new babies. I am not interested in having anymore children so plants are a great alternative. Seriously, if you are thinking about having another child, don’t do it. Buy a plant. They bring a great vibe to the home. You can’t help look at them and feel good. There’s something about seeing a plant live, thrive, and grow. By now you should know how much I love my air plant but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other special ones in my life. Here are some that I have acquired over the last few weeks.


I got the Bromeliad at a local nursery, Jarret’s Jungle, for only $1 (even in my plan adventures I stay thrifty)! I haven’t cared for one like this before but I’m hoping it creates a few offsprings because I want more.

African Violets? Another purchase from the same nursery and they were $1 each as well. The owner of the nursery told me “every home should have an African Violet.” These were dried out and dying a bit so I pruned?the dead leaves. I have a thing for wanting to bring a dead-ish plants to life.



My mom and I got one container counting pothos and from that we were able to make 10 separate pots. ? These are one of the easiest houseplants to care for. You have to make it a personal mission to kill it. I can’t wait for them to start to grow and become vine-like.


I’ve never had these before but the colors are vibrant and gorgeous. These can be kept indoors or outdoors. I plan to keep one in and one out just to see the growth difference.


This is my second set in a short amount of time. I had bought some and neglected them. Then I had a major freakout and overwatered them causing root rot which killed the plants. If only I had given the first set a small amount of water they may have still been alive. These plants are fairly low maintenance and great air purifiers. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Another one I haven’t cared for before but I was told there are really easy going.

I also have some Snake Plants (Mother in Law’s Tongue), some aloe I’m trying to propagate, several succulents, a spider plant, two tomato plants, and two pepper plants. Oh, and some basil and mint leaves.

I still have a few plants on my wish list.

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