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Metallic Striped Maxi Skirt

Another event, another maxi skirt. This weekend my sister got married and I officiated the wedding! She had asked me a few months ago and I said yes without hesitation. It wasn’t until the day before the wedding I started to get really N E R V O U S. ?No surprise, I did amazing (*toot toot*). ?I knew I wanted to wear a skirt and the fabric I would use.

I bought the fabric at Hancock Fabrics during their close-out sale.?

I also played photographer (and drink server, cake cutter, and anything else in between) so I was more behind the scenes. It wasn’t until the reception was ending when I realized I didn’t get a photo of me in my creation. If there’s no photo I can’t blog about it!

No pattern used. Two pieces, French seams, hem, elastic, and done.

While I do like how the skirt turned out I don’t think I will work with material like this again. It frayed waaaay too much. Never before have I been happier to have mastered French Seams. Also, the clean up sucks. I am still finding tiny metallic pieces on the floor!




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