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Chakras in Check: Rose Quartz (aka “The Love Stone”

I am still growing my stone collection but I knew I wanted to get Rose Quartz aka “The Love Stone” as soon as possible. I learned more about the stone?from a book I purchased titled, ?Elementary Energy: Crystals and Gemstones Ritual for a Beautiful life by Kristen Petrovich.

In the book the author talks about her experience with rose quartz. It was the first stone she purchased and took it with her everywhere – even the shower. I decided to follow suit. Usually I have a couple of stones with me ( in my purse) but I have physically been wearing the rose quartz on me, close to my heart chakra.

I’m not necessarily searching for love – well, I guess we are always looking for love (friendship, relationship, children, pets, plants :-)) – but I am in need of clarity, being more nurturing, and loving.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a New Moon Group. We were told to bring a jar of water and journal. I also had my rose quartz with me. During the meditation, ?I had a hard time just letting my mind rest. Probably because something upsetting had happened to me earlier in the day and was clouding my head. When I finally did get in tune, the tears came. I am one to hold on to things and let it build up and when it comes out, usually at the wrong person, it’s bad. I can be a bit of a hurricane leaving quite a mess behind.

Once the meditation portion was over, we had the option of journaling or to continue to meditate and reflect. I wrote (while crying) what was on my mind: love. My main goal for this New Moon cycle is to be more loving and compassionate to everyone in my life (which I visualize each morning as I take sip of my Moon Water). Most importantly, myself. Another attendee in the group had mentioned they wanted to be less reactive and more understanding. This completely clicked with my because I try my hardest to listen to understand instead of listening to respond.

So as mentioned, the rose quartz has been staying close to me. I even took it in the shower and held it close to my heart and as the water poured down over me I could feel a strong pull from the stone. I got out of the shower and felt calmer and ready to deal with life. At least for that day – work in progress.

Have any stones been speaking to you lately?

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