New Orleans: Part Three

Gorgeous houses, free art in the park, celebration of life, more beignets, moss and oak trees galore.


City Park was another one of those happy accidents. You can spend the whole day there. The park has an Art Museum, gardens, amusement park, carousel, bikes, kayaks, and canoes for rent.

Giving you serious catalogue posing.

I think the oak tree is my new favorite tree. The sizes of them are ridiculous.

Sculpture Garden located outside of New Orleans Museum of Modern Art.

This reminded me of something out of a Sci-Fi movie.?

Girl, same.?

This one was called, “Karma.”

My niece blending in.?

We stayed on St. Charles ?at Avenue Plaza and across from us was Eiffel Society. It used to be a restaurant on top of the Eiffel Tower but?was taken down piece by pieced brought to New Orleans.

One of the best ways for sightseeing is riding the streetcars. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the houses. And trees!

While waiting for a streetcar, we got to see a Jazz Funeral.

Whether or not she asked for it, my sister became the official map guide. I am directionally challenged. I still get lost with the GPS.

Another trip.

I learned there isn’t consistency with the beignets. The second time I ate them there was a bit more of a crunch. Still good but I preferred the first batch.?

Pigeons were all over the city and they eat well. And are completely unfazed by the people.

I hope to do another weekend in NOLA. I want to explore more of the Voodoo scene and check out more houses and cemeteries.

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  • Jai

    OMG! You’re trip looked like so much fun! I can’t wait to try some beignets. I may buy the mix and use my deep fryer. I think they have it at World Market. You’re right about the second ones though. They look a little thinner than usual.

    • Shanika

      It was a fun trip! Yeah they pulled me in with the first batch. I wanted to go back a third time just to make sure it was a fluke but no one was feeling another trip to Cafe Du Monde. I think I may buy the mix from their website.

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