Getting Outdoors: Cayce Riverwalk

I know I am not the first to have this revelation, but I am constantly learning more about parenthood . For one, I never realized how much my schedule would have to revolve around the boys; especially during the school year. ?On the last day of school, the boys were sent home a calendar of the following school year and I have already plugged in the important dates. Ugh, being a responsible parent is for the birds.?When summer break finally arrived, I was just as excited as the boys to be able to relax on our regimented day to day routine. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed we were getting too relaxed, i.e. ?electronics were taking over our lives (phone, laptops, game consoles, TV). I had to shake things up. After a night of sleeping terribly and wanting to give into passing the phone to the little one for entertainment so I could have a little more time to “wake up,” I jumped out of bed, got dressed, and told the boys to do the same.

We have visited the riverwalk plenty of times and it’s one of our favorite places to go. And we’re pretty lucky to live so close. Usually we head to the river through the West Columbia entrance but this time we entered on the Cayce side. Very early into our walk we saw the first of many wood-carved sculptures by artist Wade Geddings.

We got fascinated with this caterpillar.

Always wanting to learn more.

A couple of days before we were talking about cicadas so it was fun to see one to show them.

Since that day, I’ve been making an effort for us to get out and take nature walks at least twice a week. I forgot how therapeutic it can be to get outdoors. I don’t consider myself an outdoorsy person but there’s no denying the power of nature and it’s calming effect. As well as reviving! Pretty soon my lack of sleep from the night before no longer had an effect and I was having as much fun as the boys finding the sculptures and spotting the various birds. And taking tons of pictures with the DSLR, of course (practice, practice, practice)!

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