Tillandsia Streptophylla Air Plant

As I was researching air plants, I kept seeing photos of one that had leaves which resembled long, curly hair. Last week I headed to The Plant Shop at Old Mill, spotted one, and quickly snatched it up. ?I learned it’s Tillandsia Streptophylla and nicknamed “Shirley Temple.” The owner suggested I take it home and dunk it in water for about five minutes and then to mist it once a week. As always, I did my own research and it was suggested to leave it in water for 15-30 minutes once a week or to mist it. I’m not sure if the misting method will be good enough (for me) because I want to make sure all the leaves get equally wet. I’m also going to try to start collecting rain water to use. If I can’t get rainwater I’ll use tap water that has been sitting out for a while before soaking my plant. ?I was also told this plant will continue to grow and grow! Sometimes they will produced flowers; this depends on the care of the plant. Adequate light is very important. It’s best to have it close by a window or on wall that receives constant daylight.

I’m still deciding on where to place it. I’m thinking of doing a living wall.

I took tons of photos. I can’t help it. It looks so different but each angle. But don’t worry, I am sparing you the overload and only sharing a few.

Getting it’s first bath!



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