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In Case You Haven’t Heard: I’ve Become Obsessed with Kombucha

Listen, the kombucha addiction is real. I have a bottle almost daily. I stayed away for so long because I always feared the taste. Whenever someone mentioned it, the word “vinegary” would pop up. I tried to be that healthy person who would take a shot of apple cider vinegar every morning but I just couldn’t do it. In my head kombucha equated to the taste of apple cider vinegar. A few months ago I took an Acroyoga class at Fit Columbia and owner of ?Rosewood Market was giving away complimentary bottles of kombucha. They asked if I liked kombucha and I said “yes!” knowing damn well I was lying and had never tasted it before but I figured the best way to try it for the first time is when it wouldn’t cost me a dime because there is nothing worse than buying something and being completely let down.

There were several flavors to choose from but I decided to keep it safe and go with Gingerade.

Here’s the deal: I can no longer remember a life without kombucha. After the first sip, I was hooked. And when I say the addiction is real…

And of course me being me, I had to make my own. I used the recipes from The Kitchn to make my own SCOBY and Kombucha tea.

After my tea had fermented for the recommended amount of time, I had my first taste and was kind of disappointed. I am not of fan of sweet tea and that’s exactly how it tasted to me. And it wasn’t very carbonated (which I think was part of the problem). I was starting to get bummed and thinking I wasted a month waiting for my SCOBY to grow and the tea to ferment. Still, I bottled the tea and added slices of limes and oranges, grated ginger, and chopped strawberries (the sugar in the fruit helps add carbonation). A day or two later I got the bottles out of the cabinet and I could see major bubbling in the bottles. I gave my concoction another taste hoping it would be just as good as the store bought brands I grew to love. ?And it was.

Currently I have a second batch fermenting and I used green tea instead of black. And I have two SCOBYs forming. And this is not including the SCOBYs currently floating in the green tea. And there’s a chance another SCOBY will grow during the brewing process so if you decide to do this you may end up with several SCOBYs.

If you make your own and have any tips, I would love to hear them!



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