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Congaree National Park

Just in case you haven’t heard, it is cold outside. Everyone across the nation is feeling the effect. Even sunny South Carolina. I was hoping to head out for a hike today and take my little one with me but it is just too cold for that. Maybe if it was only me. Scratch that, even if it was just me, I am not heading outside unless it is necessary. My plans for the day include knitting, reading, and binge-watching.

But first, I want to share some photos from my recent hike at Congaree National Park. Gather around, folks. It’s time for a little story.

You know how it is, you’re doing your mindless Instagram Scroll and amongst the photos you see a popular spot always makes it way into your timeline by different people you follow (locally). ?And since you’ve made it a personal goal to get outdoors and do more hiking you start to experience a little Mother Nature FOMO. So after dropping the kiddos off at school you head out for hike. Then you get to the area and aren’t really sure where you’re supposed to go because you are seriously directionally challenged and even the GPS can’t help you.

Once parked, you get out of your car and start to walk and head towards a trail. But first, you gotta start your Fitness App on your Apple Watch because “every step counts.” To make sure you are going in the right direction, you open your All Trails App but guess what? Mother Nature and AT&T aren’t having that because NO SERVICE!

At this point, you continue to walk. And walk. Then you walk a little more and have yet to see anything resembling the photos you see pop up in your feed. So, you turn around and head back to your car thinking you must’ve parked in the wrong place because the park is huge and you did pass by a spot where people can park to camp so there has to be another location. Yeah, that must be it. ?But first, you decide to stop by the Visitor Center and proceed to open door but it is locked. And the employees inside just stare at you. The center opens at 9:00am. You check your watch: 8:59. The employees are still staring. You lock eyes. You think, “So this is how it’s going to go. The petty in me respects the petty in you.” As you turn to walk away you see a sign that says something along the lines of “Welcome to the Trail.” *insert eye roll and exasperated sigh* Good one, Shanika.

Listen when I tell y’all my lack of direction is on another level…

I have no words for it.?

So you start heading toward the trail as the theme from Jurassic Park plays (you know the one) mainly because you just visited Padget the day before and he made a remark about the park reminding him of the movies.


As you are leaving you see a guy and a girl walking up towards the trail and one of them says “Oh, this must be where the trails starts” and then you do a mental fist pump because at that moment you realize you aren’t the only one who was completely confused on where the hell this trail started.

Then you tell yourself you’ll be back to explore at a later date because you’re teaching spin that night and you must reserve your legs.



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