Getting Into Film Photography

I’ve been wanting to get into Film Photography so I asked my dad if I could borrow his Canon AE-1 35mm. After being asked many questions, a thorough inventory of everything in his camera bag, and being told (repeatedly) the camera was older than me, he allowed it.

Remember getting several disposable cameras and going absolutely crazy taking photos? And the excitement you had waiting for them to be developed and being happy when certain ones turned out great and completely bummed when you thought you took the “perfect shot” and it’s nothing but a big fat blurry mess? I miss those times. It taught us patience. Now, everything is instant gratification. Even the idea of waiting for an 1-hour photo is making me anxious. With digital, you can take a photo, examine, delete, and try again. I’m not expecting each photo I take with film to be perfect but I am taking my time, thoroughly learning the functions and *gasps* reading the instruction book. I’m also getting with a few books I picked up from my local library. The picking were slim so I plan to purchase some. Any film users out there? I’m accepting tips and advice!


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