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Aura Reading with Auraology

A couple of weeks ago I got my aura read by Auraology. Even better, I won a contest and got my reading for free! I have always heard of people who could sense other’s auras but to actually to be able to see them with the proper equipment is pretty trippy (and awesome).

While I wasn’t sure what to expect I was surprised with what was shown.

Red. Very, very red. And slightly orange.

My first thought was, “Shit! I ‘m angry.” And while anger can be on the same spectrum for red there are lot of other (positive) things red can represent.


Enthusiasm, Vitality, Strength, Passion, Ambition, Perfection


Optimism, Creativity, Self-Confidence, Spontaneity, Emotional balance, Inspiration.

She told me the orange is my creative entrepreneur spirit. Right now is a good time to get things done since I?m driven. If I?m looking for a new job, do it now. If I?m looking to start something, do it now. She also said it?s on the same spectrum of anger. And that I?ll also attract guys who are looking for a hookup because of my energy…*lucky me.

I also got to do an animated aura.

If you want to learn more about Auraoloy’s process, check out her site.

*please note the sarcasm

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