Chakras in Check

Moon Ritual for setting intentions and checking in with yourself.

Listen, no matter your beliefs, you can take a moment, look at the full moon and appreciate it’s beauty. I am definitely not an expert on the moons and all the phases (lemme add that to my list) but I do believe moods and vibes can be effected. During the Full or New Moon, I like to check in with myself and see what has happened over the past month. This is a simple ritual you can do alone or with others.

When performing this ritual, have a window or door opened. Even better, do it outside!

Items Needed:

  • Bundle of dried herbs (sage, lavender, mint, and rosemary are all great options)
  • Shell or ceramic bowl
  • Journal

First, start seated (floor or chair) and take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes and take deep even breaths to calm your mind and body. Think about a word, phrase, or prayer to set your intentions. Take as little or long as you want with this part.

When ready, light your bundle of dry herbs and give it a moment to burn (about 1/2 minute). Next, holding the bundle in your hand (and standing), start at the crown of your head and circle the smoke around you. Continue to circle the smoke around your body in a downward direction until you reach your feet. While circling the smoke, say a chant, prayer, or mantra out loud (or to yourself). Or, stay completely silent, keeping your mind as clear as possible. Once you have reached your feet, place the bundle in a bowl or shell and continue to let it burn.

Next pull out your journal, set your timer for 10 minutes, and let the emotional dumping begin! Write down whatever comes to your mind. The crazier the better – just write it down.

Got it all out? Good.

Now, write down the goals you want to accomplish before the next full moon (make them realistic – things you can do in a month’s time). Once you are finished, read through your goals out loud. My mom always talks about speaking things into existence and I believe there is power is saying what you want, out loud, hearing the words vibrate in your body and brain. Also, when said out loud, it can’t be taken back. It’s out in the open and not stuck in your head with all your other thoughts.

If doing this with someone else, you will circle the smoke around that person and vice versa. You can use a feather to waft the smoke but using your hand is just fine. Still speak your goals out loud. This rituals should be done with people you trust – people who won’t judge and will support/keep you accountable.

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