Part of my yoga teacher training is to take other classes for evaluation.

My preference has always been Ashtanga; it’s quicker pace and challenging.

But lately I have really appreciated the slower flow of Yin Yoga. We put our bodies through so much we forget to relax. Really relax. I used to get so annoyed in the class “just laying there.” But once I started to do the minor tweaks and breathe, I felt the difference.

I’ve also become huge fan of props. I’ve always had blocks but I took a class where a blanket and bolster was used for almost each pose and I fell in love. There was so much ease staying in each pose (you tend to hold poses longer in yin/restorative style classes) and I was able to go deeper. The blocks and blanket came from Amazon but I made the bolster using scrap fabric, old towels, and poly fill.

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