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Since I am back on here writing on a daily basis (I’m on a 6 day streak – celebrate the small successes), it only makes sense to write about one of the major things that has been effecting my life (in a great way!). After years of contemplation and excuses, I finally made the decision to get certified to become a yoga teacher. I have always been fascinated by yoga and how powerful the body can be. I had pushed it off for years and years (“Not enough time/money/etc”) but I told myself there will never be a good time. Money comes back. Time does not. After researching different training schools, I decided on Sakhi with Pam Meriwether. I personally know several people who have trained with her and they had nothing but praise. And when I researched and saw photos of her previous students, I was appreciative of the diversity. Not only is there other POC, but all the students are unique and have their own style and vibe.

As I’m writing this we are in the fifth weekend and I have learned SO MUCH. For one, the physical aspect of yoga is barely scratching the surface. Just when I start to think everything is clicking, another layer is added. I am so glad I finally took the plunge to get certified. And yes, I have become one of those obnxious people that constantly talk about yoga and how you can apply to all aspects of life. Best believe I will be sharing more but I am getting tired and have to look over my teaching sequence for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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