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Let’s set the scene:

I’m in yoga class, Pigeon Pose, annoyed and frustrated because my hips are tight and prevent me from getting deeper into certain poses. I was waiting for the moment when the teacher would say exhale and get out of the pose. Instead, we held it longer and she told us to “surrender into the pose.”

Surrender into the pose?

Isn’t surrendering giving up? I continued on in the class really focusing on my breathing and “surrendering” into the poses. And whaddya know? The poses I tend to avoid (or don’t stay in long enough) were actually bearable. And it was because I didn’t give up. I surrendered.

Surrendering is amazing!

Surrendering is learning when it’s time to walk away; it gives you a peace of mind.

The times in my life when I gave up I felt shameful. I knew I could do/be better and I had let myself down.

Of course with divorce people will say you gave up and didn’t try hard enough to make things work. This is what I thought about my own but now I know I surrendered because I finally realized there was nothing to be done to make it work so why continue to fight for something that was going nowhere.

I surrendered in my marriage and it has brought me much needed peace.

I don’t really do “Word of the Year” but I may surrender (haha!) that way of thinking.

I surrender my negative thoughts of not being happy with how the way things worked out in my life and know in the right time I will receive what I want.

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