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Tarot Card(s) of the Week: Before and After

Today I went and got my Access Bars ran. There are 32 points on your head that connect to different parts of your life (hence, “Access Bars”). I’ll do a more in-depth post later this week as I was given some homework to do for the next three days but I am sharing  this because I decided to pull a card before and after the session. I have shared it here and on the podcast but I have been really out of sorts lately: lots of doubts, second-guessing, feeling aimless, etc. I saw Sheanah of SheMassages was offering getting your Access Bars ran (she also does Reiki, Cupping, Therapeutic Massages and more) and I quickly jumped on it!


Card before the Session: The Star

I was relieved to get this card. It means I have endeared and survived some tough situations.  I’m almost out of the dark part and getting my body dragged through glass (and yes, I realize I have been doing my own dragging) but it’s not over yet. Now I need to do the work to make sure I don’t continue to treat myself horribly. Good opportunities are coming my way…I just need to be ready to accept them.


I told Sheanah I had pulled The Star before my session and she told me about how she just got her cards read (she got The Peacock – she has peacock decor in her space and the tarot reader didn’t even know) and she received a text from the reader and they ended it with the star emoji (or said something about the star. Can’t remember exactly,  I was a little heady).  


Card after the session: 6 of Wands


Victory is mine! Now it’s time to celebrate my success. I could’ve given up but I decided to follow down the path and now I’m on the up and up.


This week and beyond is about pushing myself forward, feeling the fear and then still doing the damn thing.


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