Self-Created Podcast Episode 44: Do it For the Culture (s) with Ahsaki LaFrance-Chachere of Ah-Shi Beauty and Skincare

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Ahsaki LaFrance-Chachere, owner of Ah-Shi and Indigenous-Owned & Operated Beauty Store in Window Rock, Arizona. Did we mention it’s the first Native American owned and operated beauty store in the US? Let that sink in.

When Ashsaki’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, this prompted her to look at not only what her mother was putting inside her body but what was also being applied on the outside. She started to create moisturizing skincare products for her mother to use (whose skin would be left feeling dry after chemo treatments) and from there her interest and passion continue to grow.

In this episode we talk about how it all began, how she choses the ingredients, packaging, colors, marketing, and much, much more.

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