Stretch Therapy

This year I have been focusing on truly healing my body and mind. A few days ago I went and visited Angie of Fit Columbia for a stretching therapy session. Ever since I dislocated my knee years ago it will sometimes act up and get really swollen and bothersome. I saw during a conference she attended she was using cupping on a someone’s knee and instantly I booked an appointment.

This compression dohickey (yes, that’s the technical term) did amazing things to my feet; which I learned are all funky and free-spirited doing things they really shouldn’t. Lord, I am jacked up.

Angie will totally jump on you and turn your legs in direction you didn’t think they could go. And you’ll love every minute of it.


Once she was finished, she applied Kinesiology Tape to my knee and told me to keep it on for the next three days. I continued on with my day and didn’t feel much discomfort in my knee. It was still a little swollen but it wasn’t bothering me.  The next couple of days were more bearable than it has been. I usually wake up feeling so creaky cranky.

Everything was going and feeling well until…I fell down the steps. Yup, I fell halfway down the steps and basically messed myself up again. Yeah…

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