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Tarot Cards of the Week: How Not to Freak the F*ck Out

Like everyone else who is social distancing (even though it’s really physically distancing because socially, I feel more connected to others), you start to discover things about yourself. I have realized I have more empath traits than I thought. I found this list, “13 Signs That You’re an Empath” on Highly Sensitive Refuge:

1. You take on other peoples’ emotions as your own

2. Sometimes you experience sudden, overwhelming emotions when you’re in public

3. The “vibe” of a room matters to you — a lot

4. You understand where people are coming from

5. People turn to you for advice

6. Tragic or violent events on TV can completely incapacitate you

7. You can’t contain your love of pets, animals, or babies

8. You might feel people’s physical illnesses too — not just their emotions

9. You can become overwhelmed in intimate relationships

10. You’re a walking lie detector

11. You can’t understand why any leader wouldn’t put their teams first

12. You have a calming effect on other people — and the power to heal them

13. You cannot see someone in pain without wanting to help

This explains so much. I probably should have realized it a long time ago but self-discovery later is better than never.


A friend of mine, Jai Marshall, who is an empath herself (and also does Tarot Card Readings), shared on her story this spread by Jami Psychic Medical Intuitive and I thought it was perfect (and funny) for what most of us are experiencing.

What can help me remain calm during this time? Seven of Wands This card has shown up a couple of times in my own readings and when I have don’t them for others. Most of the time it’s when you are having uncertainty. Basically, you can ask anyone for help and advice and they will/won’t be there for you, but ultimately you have to find the inner strength and courage to get things done. Trust yourself, no one knows you better than you. No one. Trust yourself. Believe yourself. Get it done

How can I best prepare for this situation? Daughter of Pentacles This is the first time I’ve pulled this card but it plays well with all of the empathic feelings I’m having. The best way for me to stay prepared during this uncertain time is to continue to be supportive and compassionate. Most importantly to myself. I need to treat my mind and body right.

A message from my guides about this situation. The Lovers There has definitely been a “We’re all in this together” vibe. My feeling on this has gone up and down. There are a few friends I have been in touch with on a constant and like most, I have been scrolling Social Media (a little too much) and it’s nice to find comfort in how everyone just don’t know how the hell to feel. I am also trying harder to be grateful for those who are in my life and are trying to be supportive but I am still unlearning a lot of bad habits that still affect me.




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