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Once we’re allowed to roam freely, I am hitting up the thrift stores. The thrift stores are going to be a goldmine. Right now, most of us have nothing but time so a lot of cleaning and purging is happening.   I miss the hunt of finding that one of a kind piece. Speaking of one of a kind, I think my favorite item to find at thrift stores (even over name brand clothing) is handmade clothing. Usually when someone makes something for themselves they put more time and effort into it. I like to took at the item and see what stitches, placements, draping, etc, they used to create their garment.  Plus, part of me hopes someway somehow the person knows their handmade piece lives on.


These handmade pants became a quick favorite of mine. I’m a sucker for wide leg.


The top was found at a thrift store in Durham in the Men’s Section (100% silk!). Always shop the Men’s Section. If I’m looking for a “boyfriend” pair style of pants or jeans, I head straight to the men’s department. Fortunately, I do have the skills to make alterations if needed but if you find something of quality at a deeply discounted cost the alteration is worth it.



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