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French Press Multi-Use

When I make my teas I put a lot of stuff in it. I do at least two tea bags of green, two of mint, some freshly chopped or sliced ginger and whatever else I have. People have given me the crazy looks and asked how many tea bags I have or “What’s that floating in your cup?!” As I take a sip out of my 24oz Tervis. I don’t mess with weak tea.

Now that we’re home indefinitely I have been able to enjoying my coffee and tea out of regular mugs which has left little space for my tea bags. Also, I don’t need to choke on chunks of ginger.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before but as I boiled water the other day for tea I decided to try out my friends press. I added all my tea bags and fresh ginger, poured the hot water and then ten minutes later (yes, I even steep it for longer than suggested) I poured myself a cup and it was perfection!

I don’t know if I’ll do it like this each time (as I look over at my Tervis cup from earlier today that contains four tea bags…it’s a habit), but it does help solve my issue for when I buy loose leaf tee.

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