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Game Review: Disney Villainous

Double the Powder and Shorten the Fuse, You Poor Unfortunate Souls. Be Prepared because If I Lose my Temper, You Lose Your Head!

In our household, Disney Villiains are much more loved over the heroes.

For Christmas I got a couple of board games for my oldest son. He’s at the stage where he no longer plays with toys and he has enough video games. As soon as I saw the game I knew I had to snatch it up.  Maybe I got this game more for my sake but I knew he would enjoy it.

Each villain comes with a stand alone board aka “Realm,”  a Villain Guide, Villain Deck, Fate Deck, and Reference Card.  Each villain has their own objective and in order to win the game the objective must be completed. But as you are working to complete your objective, other players can try to slow you down by pulling cards from your Fate Deck in which tasks have to completed. The cards from the Fate Deck are placed on the upper part of your board and cover some of the actions you may need to do in order to win. In your Villain Deck, you can complete actions to your advantage: Ally, Item, Condition, Effect (and others – depending on the villain). These cards can be used to help defeat Heroes or unlock parts of the realm. Most of these actions cost Power. You can collect power by having allies in your realm, defeating heroes or moving to the Power symbol on your board.

How do we feel about this game? OBSESSED! My youngest is starting to play with us as well and surprisingly (and thankfully) the game has helped improve his reading skills. After playing it non-stop after Christmas Day I immediately order the expansion pack with Scar (“Evil Comes Prepared”). Scar is #1 in our house and hearts. There are two other expansion packs “Perfectly Wretched” and “Wicked to the Core.” They are in my shopping cart as I write this.

Characters we would like to see in other packs: Gaston and Tamatoa.

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