In My Skin…With a Little Help

Whenever I put on makeup, I always feel like I have no clue with what I’m doing. I just throw on some colors, blend and hope it works out.

A couple of weeks ago, Jernell and I did an IG Live with Erica who was a guest on our podcast. Correction: Jernell and Erica did the Live while I watched. We didn’t realize three people couldn’t be in a live together so I just watched and commented.

Even though there isn’t much need to wear makeup during these times I still like a little something in my face to look out together.

Erica gave us a tip for filling our eyebrows: start on the outside and work your way in. Use the eyebrow brush to blend. Game. Changer.

I’ve always been working on not holding my lid when I apply eyeshadow and not being so forceful when applying shadow (basically not making the eyelid move so much when apply color).

Aaaannd, I finally found a blush that works with my skin tone and how to properly apply it!

I absolutely hate taking selfies and photos of myself but at 36 it’s about time to start getting comfortable in my skin.

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