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Learning from Plants

I was talking to a friend today who has a pretty great carnivorous plant collection going (she’s inspired me to try them again). She said one of her favorite parts of working from home (during the “stay at home” order) is she’s able to step out anytime she wants and look at her flowers. I know the exact feeling. Before and during my divorce my plants were one of the most helpful things to help me get through everything. Even on days when I sadly neglected them they kept on thriving. They gave me hope and let me know that even if I was feeling neglected and unloved I could still grow. Yes, this may be eye-rolling to some but I found major power in the plants and getting my hands dirty.

After our text conversation, I headed outside to check on my plants (which I have been doing a lot more lately – silver lining of having to stay home). I had noticed my succulent had a few buds on it but it was a happy surprise to see one had bloomed. I kept her outside during the winter (neglected) and she survived and is now thriving. Mother Nature, always teaching us lessons; if only we listened/paid attention more.

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