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Needs. Wants. Desires.

Last year I got my aura read by Lisandra of Auraology.  Ever since, I’ve been following her journey and recently she posted about The Aura Lab, her guide on tapping into your psychic abilities and learning more about auras. Along with the course she is offering 2 30-minute chat sessions where you can talk about whatever. I had my first session today and told her about a  couple of goals I had and things I wanted. She told me in the next week to put the things into three categories: needs, wants, and desires.  Let’s break it down. We all need to eat to live, it doesn’t have to be anything specific, just something that will nourish our body. But you want sushi. Sushi isn’t necessary for our body to be nourished but we like options. Our desire would be to fly to Japan and eat all the sushi possible. It’s a stretch but get the idea. Putting our thoughts into these categories helps us stay discipline and on the right track with or goals. We need to eat so what we have in our house is just fine. Fulfill the need instead of the want and you save your money for something more memorable/important (and quite possibly, you’ll be able to take that trip to Japan).

If you want to try out this exercise, try placing your thoughts into three categories for the next week (or even day): what’s a need, want, or desire? Why do you think this? What will happen if you fulfill the need or the want and vice versa? How can you stay disciplined to get the desire?

Lisandra also did a three card tarot spread, Past-Present-Future, and it was scarily spot on.

Past – Hieorophant. Representation of a mentor or teacher. We did talk about my yoga teacher training and how I have one more thing to do for it.

Present – Mother of Wands. Very maternal card. I told her how my sons and their happiness/security is everything to me right now.

Future – Six of Pentacles. Prosperity, Growth. This card summed up our whole conversation. Stay focused and discipline I’ll see the fruits of my labor. Of course I must remember to accept help as well as help and be there for others as well.

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