Chakras in Check

Pink Moon, Where art thou?

Getting ready to head outside to do a Full Moon Yoga Sequence and…there’s no moon. Well, there is one but the clouds are blocking its vision. Welp, so be it. Crystals are still going out, intentions are set and I will be inhaling/exhaling myself into a slumber.

Moon Omens has a great article talking about the Pink Moon in Libra. They say its a time to for solace and to really take a look at ourselves. The Universe really has a way of telling us what the hell is up. Here we are, being forced to stay home, Mother Nature is healing but aht, aht! That’s not enough. Now we need to check ourselves and figure out what the hell is going on (within). We literally have nothing else to do so might as well.

Anyways, the sage has been burnt, crystals, are out, intentions are set. Now it’s time to flow.

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